PFM885-I მიმღებ/გადამცემი WIFI

მიმღებ/გადამცემი WIFI

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აქციის სტატუსი: მარაგში
Მიტანის სტატუსი: 1-3 დღე
გადასახადის გამოკლებით
X 8 ვიზიტორები ახლა ათვალიერებენ ამ პროდუქტს


Indoor 2.4G Wireless Elevator AP

>Use the high-performance 802.11n 2x2 MIMO chip, and the highest rate can achieve 300Mbps;

>Support proprietary protocol TDMA; when the wireless devices open TDMA, other manufacturers will not be able to link them which ensure the system safety;

>POE or DC power supply optional, which make a strong scene applicability and be more flexible to use;

>Support auto ranging function, real time display straight line distance between client and base station;

>Support device auto reboot function;

>Working frequency support 2412~2472Mhz(extended range: 2312~2732Mhz);

>Support flow control, effectively control base station/client input/output flow control;

>Support VLAN partition, implement the data flow and business flow isolation from each other;

>Multiple front-end ports design, which is conducive to the application development;

>Customize the work mode, which will be convenient for the wireless laypeople to use quickly;

>Use the wireless multimedia optimization shaping technology, which ensures the stability of the video and flow transmission.

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